HHIMS is open-source medical record software developed for use in Sri Lankan hospitals. It stores the patient's clinical details during out-patient visits clinic consultations or when admitted to the wards and is designed to replace paper records. Medical details can be entered directly into the database as the patient is examined or shortly afterwards. Lab-tests, prescriptions and treatments can be ordered through the computer network and carried out without the need for paper records. One single screen can display an overview of all the patient's clinical details when they return for a further visit or when they are admitted. 

The HHIMS software has a detailed help-function built in that describes how to use the medical record functions to store and retrieve the patient medical record. There is also an installation /maintenance handbook available for System Managers and even several videos on the Internet explaining how to manage the software. However, without some experience of programming, it will probably be necessary to obtain assistance and training during the first installation. As well as some commercial companies and several Universities who are involved in HHIMS development, it is possible to get advice from other users here.

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(The first version of HHIMS is now obsolete but HHIMSv2 is available for download on the public GitHub repository) 

(A reduced version for individual use, developed by the ICTA)

(This latest version is under development by Lunar Technologies)  

A user-name and password can be obtained by contacting info@lunartechnologies.net

 Lunar has also established a user forum to encourage collaboration among HHIMS users: Join group

 - Panadura Base Hospital  - 2014  - v2
 - Dambadeniya Base Hospital (Updated)  - 2014  - v2
 - Pain Clinic, National Hospital Colombo  - 2014  - v2
 - Point Pedro Base Hospital  - 2013  - v2
 - Mangalagama Rural Dispensary  - 2013  - v2
 - Mahaoya Base Hospital  - 2013  - v2
 - Awissawella Base Hospital (forked version)  - 2013  - v1.2
 - Kinniya Base Hospital  - 2012  - v1.2
 - Thambuththegama Base Hospital  - 2012  - v1.2
 - Mahawilachchiya  Divisional Hospital  - 2012  - v1.2
 - Elayapaththuwa Divisional Hospital  - 2012  - v1.2
 - Dompe District Hospital  - 2012  - v1.1
 - Batticaloa Teaching Hospital  - 2011  - v1.1
 - Trincomalee General Hospital  - 2011  - v1.1
 - Kithulgala District Hospital  - 2011  - v1
 - Undegoda District Hospital  - 2011  - v1
 - Daraniyagala District Hospital  - 2011  - v1
 - Karawanella Base Hospital  - 2011  - v1
 - Mawanella Base Hospital  - 2011  - v1

HHIMS Introduction

e-Swabhimani 2011 Award for e-Health